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"I would like to thank you for the great books you have written and the seminars you have given. I have spent the last 6 months off work re training to become a lecturer, during this time our lifestyle has been unaffected and our net worth as gone up due mainly to the increase in Gold price. As an expat living in Malaysia sound financial advice was hard to find until I meet you. Thanks a few million."

David Helliwell
Senior Lecturer

"Dear Azizi, I love to read books especially the ones that have your name printed on it. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge through your books ie. Jutawan dari Planet Jupiter, Pesara Jutawan etc. Now I know exactly where to get good advice and references for my financial plan.”

Nurul Azwani Mahbob
Electrical Engineer
Sime Darby Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

"First I want to thank Azizi Ali for writing finance and inspirational books. I'm a student and a currently waiting to get into industrial training. His books have given me encouragement to attain money in an honest way. As a student, I found Jutawan Ekstrem, Mencari Maut and Pelita Jutawan relatable. Congratulations and thank you. I have read about 10 of his books including his handbooks. Most of his books relate Azizi Ali's experiences. When will Azizi Ali write a biography?”

Wan Khairul

"I wish to thank Azizi Ali for enlightening on a very important topic, ie financial management. I first bought your Millionaires are from a Different Planet book from Popular Bookstore in January 2010 and subsequently purchased your other books online. I find your way of presentation humorous, interesting, and also enlightening. Your books changed my way and perspective of life totally. I am now more careful in spending. I also started to invest in property and would probably go into stock market after learning more from you. Congratulations on your work well done.”

Dr Ng Sing Beng
General Practitioner

"My highest gratitude to you and your team for publishing high quality materials with practical tips and advice which are applicable to us Malaysians. I started reading your books after graduating back in 2005 and I can say that I am a fan of Azizi Ali! Worth mentioning, one of the reasons I subscribed to Personal Money magazine is because of your article. To you and your team, please keep up the good work!"

Sairol Nizam
Production Engineer

"I was one of those who were previously clueless about self finance. Although I started rather late on keeping my finances, I have benefitted tremendously from reading and applying the knowledge gained from your books. From having barely enough balance money each month in spite of getting a good salary, I now can happily afford to treat myself, have a decent home, and still have enough to keep the family happy (plus some extra income from rental property as well). Your advice has also guided me from making expensive investment mistakes which I'm entirely grateful for. I highly recommend your books (almost all of them actually) to anyone irrespective of their background, as I have done to my family and friends. Please keep up the good work, and may Allah bless you for doing such good deeds, Insyallah.”

Dr Badrul Zaman Bin Muda @ Abdullah
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist

"Dear Sir, I am a loyal reader of your books and have also attended a few seminars such as How to Write a Best Seller in 88 Days, and more. I have to say that I'm really fortunate to discover your books as it has really educated me with my finance as I used to spend my extra money on clothing and toys for my two kids previously. Now, I know how to manage and leverage from my money without sacrificing too much of my interest…I managed to control and leverage it better. I also invested in property with a good rental return and more. I'm fortunate that I read your book before I dumped all my money in unnecessary things that will force me to retire broke. Thanks again!”

Intan Safinaz Rosli

"I've learnt a lot from your book. It made me realize that I'm responsible to control my expenses and savings on the road to financial freedom. Thanks again and keep up your writing on more financial knowledge and information."

Munalizah Bt. Mat Desa

"Dear Encik Azizi, I was enlightened by your seminar on 4th Aug 2002, almost 8 years ago, in Marriot Hotel. And I wrote my resignation letter on that very day, changing my course of career from a Japanese manufacturing factory senior executive to be an entrepreneur, starting from zero. Today I have my own company and am enjoying life that I would never have thought about before."

Andrew Johnson Wong
Director and Principal Consultant of Financial Planning

"My special thanks and appreciation to Mr. Azizi Ali. After reading his books on Bagaimana Hendak Menjadi Tuan Rumah Jutawan and Retire Rich, I have become a better landlord and in control of all my properties. Now I am designing my own format and adding additional terms for my next tenant, based on recommendation from Mr.Azizi's book. I have benefited so much and am on my way to financial freedom. Thanks to Mr. Azizi Ali."

Win Choong
Customer Relations Supervisor

"Thanks to your books, such as How to Become a Property Millionaire, Millionaires are from a Different Planet and Retire Rich, the knowledge of how to win in the financial aspect in life is now available to the masses and me. I'm using the tips (both common sense and unconventional) and tools from your books and my family and I are on our way to achieve financial freedom and come out ahead in the game of life. Azizi, you are one in a million! Thanks again!"

Sivarajah Panjalingam
Electrical Engineer

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