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"Azizi, thank you for writing many financial series of books to educate Malaysians. The knowledge I gained from your books is superb and will benefit me for the rest of my life. I must say you are one of the best authors I have ever come across and, your books are very interesting to read. Keep up the good work to write more good books!”

Louis Teo
Technical Assistant

"I wish the contents in Azizi Ali's financial books were highlighted when I was in school or at least when I was studying in the university. Unarmed with personal finance education, I graduated and started working like other people... and oh, made several financial mistakes along the way. By chance, I discovered one of Azizi's book after few years of working and ended up buying some more. I have benefited even from basic things stressed in his books... and had fun reading too. Thank you for improving my financial situation and cheering up my life!"

Muhamad Azwan Arshad

"Hi Azizi, I'm such a fan of your books. I think I bought all of them. I made one bad property investment decision before reading your books and also your tenancy agreement and now, I've made ROI of more than 20% on my properties. I particularly use your books and also your tenancy agreements whenever I go for auctions. I have not achieved financial freedom yet but with the knowledge from you, I'm confident I will. Thanks again.”

Juliana Jamaludin

"Dear En. Azizi, frankly speaking, I am yet to read your books but I really enjoy reading the Q&A posted in MillionairesPlanet. I can't remember when and how I started receiving your emails but it is really great. I feel very lucky to receive emails from you and from there I realise that I need to read your books. My problem is… I always feel satisfied with what I have and in other words, I have no ambition to be a millionaire. I read Rich Dad Poor Dad a long time ago but I did not really appreciate it."

Rahmah Idris
Head of Project Services
Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd.

"I actually had bought most of his books and benefited greatly, particularly on property investment. I currently own a few properties with positive cash flow which I never had imagine could own years back, until I read some of his books. The books show you in detail about the process of owning and investing one property after another in a less frightening way. His seminars on property are also proven to be worthwhile. Aside from knowledge gain, the freebies (tenancy agreement, checklist, etc) also really helps and compliments your effort in property investment. Good job Azizi, this books are must haves for property investors.”

Mohd Rizal Fitri bin Sarip
Business Support Manager

"I have read 3 books authored by Azizi, Bagaimana Hendak Menjadi Tuan Rumah Jutawan, Bagaimana Hendak Menjadi Jutawan Hartanah and Jutawan Ekstrem. What I can say is that his books have tremendously changed my assumption in money matters. Azizi has a lot of experiences especially in property investment. I am now becoming closer to owning my first property by the end of this year. So friends, if you want to learn about money, get a copy of his books.”

Abdul Hafiz bin Lidin

"After I read all your books, I thought 'why the university that I attended didn't teach me all these?' Your books helped me how to play the banker's game and how to beat the taxmen."

Muhammad Jensen

"Dear Sir, I have learnt a lot of investment tools from your books. I currently adopted some of the tools. One of the things that I learned is to filter my insurance scheme. I am starting to reject friends from the insurance coverage. Thank you."


"Dear Azizi, I bought and read the following books of yours; Millionaires are from a Different Planet, The Millionaire In Me, How To Become Millionaire Landlord, How To Become Property Millionaire, Winning At Property Auction. I started reading your books way back in 2001. The books had given me lots of tips and inspirations. The most important part is that the books highlighted how to prosper in local/Malaysian contexts because so many other financial books were written by foreign authors and their advice were usually based on the scenarios of their country of origin (mostly US) which may not fit in our setting. I learnt a lot and right now my net worth has reached over a million. I'm still holding on to my day (or rather night and day) job. My major investments are in properties though I also have diversity."

Dr. Nor Aina Emran

"Mr Azizi, I had read some of your books and I like to read them because of a few reasons. First, I found that your book is handy in size. Second, the font size of the text is good enough for those n their forties to read on. Third, your writing style is humorous. Fourth, the content is simple to understand yet comprehensive as a guide for personal financial planning. Fifth, your idea is applicable. My name is Pang Kim Nyuk and I started my career as an insurance agent (both life and general) and unit trust consultant since year 2005 after resigning from my 15 years routine job in a finance company. I came across financial planning in year 2007 and since then I've read a lot of articles and books on this subject and obtained my CFP certification after the Dec 2009 exam. I'm interested in writing too. The exposure to seminars and workshops are limited here as I'm staying in a small town in Sabah. I've been investing most of my time and money to acquire further knowledge on financial planning and my cash flow is limited due to a previous shortfall and I know that I need to increase my income apart from proper planning ahead. I'm still reading your books because it's really good and practical and I've recommended them to my friends as well."

Pang Kim Nyuk

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