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"I've read a number of books on retirement, but as a Malaysian, I found that your books suit my needs better. It gave a very good overview on relevant issues and mitigation plan. The understanding on the overall issues gave me more confidence towards facing my retirement in the future. Thank you very much."


"I purchased Property Powerpack just a month ago (I also want to be Millionaire Landlord like you!) and was very satisfied with its content especially the sample of tenancy agreement (it's so complete!). How to Pay Off Your House Loan in Five Years or Less is just awesome. Simple yet practical! With this information, I'm more equipped and prepared to be the landlord and also the manager of my wealth. God willing, I'm on my way to the Millionaire Planet. Thanks a lot for the knowledge, Azizi!"

Muhammad Ishkandar A. Hamid

"Dear En Azizi, my response is a big YES. Yes, I've benefited as a client of your service even though I found you by chance. I've read the emails that were sent to me. Although I find that you are blunt at times but the messages are clearly understood. They have somewhat gave me inspiration & motivation as for now. Next it will be action from me. InsyaAllah dengan kekuatan daripadaNya saya berazam untuk mengubah taraf kehidupan saya. Terima kasih."

Marlia Abbas

"Your books are like box-office movies, entertaining yet providing insightful and practical knowledge that wasn't taught in Business Schools. With your guidance, I am confident that I am on track to a comfortable retirement… much earlier. Thank You AZIZI!"

Ahmad Faizal Abdul Aziz
Head of Internal Audit, Perbadanan Nasional Berhad

"I have read your financial book title Millionaires are from a Different Planet. It really help me to understand the financial wisdom. We need more people like him to share the knowledge and real experience tale. He really inspires me to manage my financially right at the first time. Let him do the intact mistake hihihi, I just learn and keep on relearn from other and maybe share my mistake too. Sharing is caring that I learn from him. He inspires me more by making me understand that sharing your knowledge can be profitable too. Not just in the sense of making money but personal satisfaction. So bro Azizi Ali keep up the enormous post."

Mohd Rahshidi Zakaria
CEO My Workzone Sdn Bhd

"I have always had doubt when it comes to investing due to the risk & return matching my investment character despite I am a Finance & Marketing graduate. Azizi has boost my confidence in starting my property investments and started to EXECUTE my own passive income. The information & tips shared by Azizi is in very detail and applicable in real life for me to be a junior property millionaire. Now I'm applying the tips from azizi on how to evict bad tenant who have been bugging my mom for years! She has been a landlord for years hehehe... Thanks Azizi. Keep up the marvelous work."

M. Amran A. Ghafar
Asst. Manager Islamic Banking, SME Bank

"I've read your book Millionaires are from Different Planet and I have recommended it to my family and friends simply because it's tailor to Malaysia market, easy to understand, a lots of financial tips and nevertheless it's a book that you must read if want to take control of your personal financial. Much said, I personally would like to thank you for wrote such informative book and highly recommended to Malaysian. P/S: Did I tell you that I also read many other books form True Wealth publishing and I must say it's a good job from your team."

Ila Natrah
Wealth Planner

"MILLIONAIRES are from a different PLANET has changed my mindset. Azizi has spoken from his heart - honest and frank confession of his own experiences; that, makes the book exceptional.It motivates me to put what I have read into practice, guides me as I path my way and steer me as I stumble along... Thank you."

Azlina Ghazali

"Thanks for the inspiration and millionaire tips from your book Jutawan dari Planet Jupiter! What I like most about your book is that it gives example and actual investment plan and value in Malaysian Ringgit unlike any other foreign book. All tips are easy to understand and realistically achievable! Now, every time before going for shopping with my wife I would bring her for lunch first. It's hilarious but really works!"

Godfrey Daya Jr
Mechanical Engineer

"Millionaires are from a different Planet is the 1st book which introduced me to the world of Azizi. There was a time when I was very down at work and kept complaining “Money is not enough” and I can't even have saving with my current salary, what's more to enjoy the lifestyle that I want to? I went to the book shop and bought another great book, The Millionaire in me by Azizi. Immediately I know where went wrong with my financial planning and how should I start to relook at it. Simple theory as “Pay yourself first”, now I am able to go holiday twice a year without jeopardizing my housing and car loan. Great! Now, it has become my bible and I am referring to from time to time. I think everyone should have a copy of it if you want to take control of your financial situation and stay happy."

Teh Li Lian
Senior System Analyst

"I bought and read 7 books and 3 handbook s written by Azizi Ali. His books and articles are fun, very educational and easy to understand. I applied knowledges from the books in my personal financial planning and property investment."

Mariam Yusof

"Bro Azizi your stuff... open my third eye of business wisdom."

Mohd Al Hafidz
Marketing Executive

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