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"Knowledge is power"so said Sir Francis Bacon some 400 years ago. If it was true then, it is even more so now.

The rich and the powerful have always ruled because of their superior knowledge. The powerful continue to rule because they kept critical information to themselves. The rich, e.g. the Vanderbilts, Kennedys and Rockefellers stayed rich and in fact, have grown richer (!) because their advanced awareness of finance. Even the nouveau riche, e.g. Bill Gates, made their fortune by making use of knowledge.

That being the case, we would all be well advised to obtain as much knowledge as we can. Particularly on the subject of finance, one can never know too much.

"Knowledge is power..." echoed Robert Kiyosaki. "all they have to do is wait for the opportunity to use their knowledge and then they'll have the money".

With that in mind, click on the Hot Reports below and start making your money.

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By now, you would have realized that what some people say and what they really mean are two different things. Often, what they mean is the exact opposite of what they say. Confused? Don't be. You'll see what I mean once you go between the lines of a typical property advertisement. Click here for the truth.

Hot Report 045: A Brief Explanation On Capital Allowance
A number of readers have written in to find out more about Capital Allowance (mentioned in my book How to Become a Property Millionaire). As always, your wish is my command. Click here to discover more about C/A and how it can benefit you as a Property Millionaire.

Hot Report 044: Choose Funds With The Lowest Fees
For all the ups and downs, for all the lows and highs, the performance of most of the unit trust funds tends to be about the same after a period of time. Returns above or below long-term norms tend to move down, or up, towards the norm. This effect is known as regression towards the mean. Click here to find out more about this shocking revelation.

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Why do millionaires continue to work hard to make even more money even when they already have it all? Is it greed? Is it because they do not know of the word "enough" ? Find out the reasons here.


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