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It's so sad and tragic. After years and years of saving money and careful frugal living, you see all your money disappear in a flash. Just because of one error in judgment - unfortunately in this case, a fatal error - you are now facing a bleak and uncertain future.

One day you are a millionaire and the next, you've joined the ex-millionaire club.

Whatever you do folks, make sure that this NEVER happens to you. This is not a case of having loved and lost. This is a case of losing and losing. Hard as it may read, but it is better not to have the big money than to have it, and then lose it all. After all, you never really lose what you never had.

So let's us look at the three reasons why many folks have been relegated to becoming ex-millionaires. In the hope that it will not happen to you.

1. Starting a business

Starting a business is perhaps the number one reason why a lot of millionaires are now ex-millionaires. Particularly those who have never been in business before.

I realized the temptations are there. You have the cash. Why not earn more returns from your money by starting a business. After all, if the business really takes off, your money will shoot to the heavens.

But think again and again. Then think one more time. First question - what do you know about running a business? If you cannot even answer this question, then case closed. Keep your hard earned money in your pocket.

As mentioned in the book "Millionaires are from a different Planet!", 80 percent of business close up shop in the first year alone. After five years, only five percent of business will remain open. Now, that's a mighty high rate of failure. In short, business is already very, very risky. Don't make it any worse by opening up shop if you don't know anything about the business.

As a side interest, check out the list of business yours truly have been offered - property development, importing furniture, Network 21, insurance agent, music shop, CD recording, music studio, managing a rock band, Amway, Cosway, internet MLMs, car repair and best of all, cow breeding! While I'm sure the businesses can make money, what I know about them is as much as I know about the sex habit of earthworms - nothing. So thank you very much, think I'll keep my money this time around.

2. Inappropriate investments

Making inappropriate investments is another culprit. Someone comes around saying why be happy with 12% return from ASB when you can make 30% (or more!) in ... (fill in the blanks). The "investment" can be futures, options, currency trading, commodities, properties, time-sharing, gold, silver, opals and the latest - internet ventures.

If you love yourself and your family, take my advice - keep the cheque book and shut the door. All the above - while it can make a lot of money for some selected professionals - will only drain your bank account like a vacuum cleaner on a jihad.

Folks, any investment that is too good to be true, is exactly that - not true. For starters, no one is gonna broadcast on any investment that can provide a return of 30% plus per year. They'll be too busy trying to keep it to themselves!

3. Buying expensive toys

After years of living from hand to mouth, coming into some big money can drive folks wild to the nth degree. I'm sure you have read reports on some of the big spending Felda settlers. In one extreme case, after getting the money for their land, two sixty plus year olds went out and bought themselves super bikes!

Many others went on a similar buying spree for themselves and their children - gleaming new Protons, big huge bungalows including swimming pools, home theatre systems, gold chains a foot long and just as thick, and any other expensive toys you can think of.
All these wild spending will only take them to one lonely club - the ex-millionaires club. What is worse is that it led them to the ultimate poorhouse - no land, no money.

These are just but three reasons why some folks become ex-millionaires. Now that you are forewarned, make sure you do not join the list.

Stay a millionaire. It's much, much better. For starters, you have more money!


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