Good things are never convenient

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Recently, I received a call from a lady. She was complimenting me on my books and wished she could hear me speak so she can learn more.

“That's great,” I told her. “I'm having a seminar this weekend. You should come.”

“Yes, ah?” came her reply. And I heard her voice drop. “Where's the seminar?”

“It's at the Holiday Villa Hotel in Subang Jaya.”

“Ohhh, that's too far.”

“Where are you staying?”

“I'm staying near the Mall in KL.”

I threw up my arms. “Subang Jaya is too far from KL? People have flown in from Sabah and Sarawak to come to my seminars!” I told her. But I knew it was all in vain. She was complimenting me earlier on to be polite. She did not expect to do more and spending a little bit more money to come to the seminar was obviously not in her plans.

I did not have to meet her personally to know that she is having financial problems. See folks, the truth is that the rich became rich because they were willing to do things that were not easy or convenient. Another truth is that everything worthwhile in this life is never easy or convenient. Great things will never fall into your lap or come raining down from the sky. You have to struggle and struggle hard. And then, maybe, just maybe, the heavens will open up.

Anyone who only wants to do things that are easy or convenient will live a life filled with endless financial problems.

So if you want the good life, then you must be willing to do things that are not easy or convenient. You must be willing to do things others are not willing to do.

Coming to seminars or attending training classes is never convenient, but you have to do it if you want to become better and wealthier.

When I decided to become a financial consultant in 1995, there were no such designations or qualifications in Malaysia .

I was so determined to do it that I wrote to universities in Australia and even the CFP headquarters in Denver, Colorado. I planned to do the course by mail but if I had to, I would fly there to complete the programme. Fortunately, I later found out about the Chartered Financial Consultant programme ran by the Malaysian Insurance Institute. I enrolled myself in the programme, attended evening classes twice a week for two years, read many books, sat for many exams, and paid good money to do all that.

Oh yes, I did all that even though I knew I was never going into practice as a financial consultant.

Was it easy? Certainly not. Who likes sitting for exams? Was it convenient? Obviously not. For starters, I had to miss spending time with my wife and children. But I did it anyway.

And the reason you are reading this article today is because I was willing to do things that were not convenient.

So dear readers, if you want to have the good things in life – big house, big car, fat income, slim wife – be willing to do things that are not easy or convenient. Be willing to do things that others are not willing to do.

Doing things that is only easy and convenient is reserved for the non-rich.


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