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Every so often, you'll hear this statement being uttered: "Just look at ...(fill in the name here). He's already so rich, already a millionaire yet he's still trying to make some more money. Isn't he a greedy s.o.b.? How much more money does he want?"Personally, I find such questions off-the-mark. For a number of reasons.

Rats complaining about the stars

One, the people uttering the statements are usually broke or somewhere near there. Here we have guys who have trouble finding the rent money lambasting those who could help them. They are attacking the very same people who could actually help them get their foot back on the ground.

Isn't that a little like rats complaining about the stars shining too bright?

Why stop someone from doing what he is good at?

Next, why should anyone or anything stop a person from doing something that he enjoys doing? Wouldn't it be a travesty of justice to stop a person doing what he does best? As long as it is not illegal and does not harm anyone, a man should be allowed to do what he enjoys doing.

Should we stop Zanidine Zidane from playing football and winning trophies because he has already won so much? So we ban John Woo from making movies because he is already a multi-millionaire? And let's get Tiger Woods out of golf as well because he too has won many awards already. Aren't these people greedy? How much more awards, trophies, goals or Oscars do they want?

As can be seen, the suggestions above are absurd. Maybe even ridiculous to the extent of bordering madness.

If that is the case with the footballers, directors and golfers, why shouldn't the same apply to millionaires? They are good are what they are doing - which in this case happens to be making money. They enjoy what they are doing, which compounds the reason why they are making the big bucks. Why should anyone stop them or get in the way? If anything, we should be encouraging and applauding their efforts. For having the strength and courage to take on the challenge.

Why do they do it?

As good as Tiger Woods is, he knows that he will not win every game. He has won almost anything there is to be won as a golfer and doesn't need to prove anything to anyone anymore. Even though he doesn't need to play anymore because he is already a multi-millionaire, he still go out on the greens and do his thing. Why? Because he is a golfer. And a very good one at that. And when he strikes the little white ball, we stand back, admire his moves and applaud his genius.

Likewise, when the millionaire attempt a new business, he knows there is no guarantee of success. While he will do his best, there is always a chance of failure. But he still go out there and try. Even though he doesn't need to do so anymore.

Taking it further, the multi-millionaires are doing what they do not because of greed for money. Nor because they want more and more. Most of them know and realize they have more than enough money to last a lifetime and then some. They also know that more money will not make them any happier or healthier. But they still go out there and do it simply because they get a buzz from seeing their effort translate into a river of income. Just like the buzz a striker feels when seeing his shot hitting the back of the net - that's how it feels like. It is not the money per se that drives them on.

Let's learn from them

So instead of lambasting them, I believe a better thing to do would be to learn from them. Observe and if possible, do what they are doing. Even if you have no burning desire to be a multi-millionaire, I also believe that anyone could use an extra thousand ringgit every month. One good way to do this is to learn from the people who have done it before.

I know this much is true: if you want to drive a Mercedes, go and ask someone who is already driving a Mercedes how he did it. While some may turn you away, most will be more than happy to show you how. So likewise, if you want to make money, wouldn't it make sense to learn from someone who has made a lot of it? They will not tell you all you need to know but the few things they do tell can put millions in your pocket!

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