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I love books. That is why I became a writer. That is also why I became a publisher.

Like everyone else, I too have my own ideas of what makes a good book. For the self-help genre, I want the books to be easy to read, easy to understand and I want the ideas to be practical. Although I bought the book primarily for the information, I want to enjoy reading it. In short, I want it to be a fun thing to do.

This is why all my books are written in simple English and Bahasa. I want them to be easy to read, easy to understand and I’d like to think that they are also a fun read. I always tell people – if you can read English or Bahasa, you can understand my books. And if you can understand my books, you can benefit from the ideas inside.

Likewise, I want all the self-help books published by TrueWealth to be a fun read for our readers. An adventure of the mind, if you will.

So now I’d like to share with you the reasons why our books are better than most of the other books in the market.

We choose our authors carefully

Three different editors will study and review each manuscript received from a potential author. The editors use a checklist to review the subject, content, quality of the writing, the author’s qualifications (to write the book) and whether the author can actually write. All three editors must agree before we decide to publish the book. What this means is that all our authors and their manuscripts would undergo some serious vetting.

Our authors are experts in their fields

One of the main criteria to be an author with TrueWealth is that you must be an expert and also an actual practitioner in your field. For example, Eruwan Gerry Norsen is doing online lelong, Dr Christopher Lim is a swiftlet farmer, Ahmad Tarmizi is a lawyer who specializes in property auctions, Irwan Dahnil is running SMS business, Dr Norman Norawi is a medical doctor and of course, Irfan Khairi is an Internet entrepreneur himself. This requirement helps to ensure that the ideas in their books will be practical and not just theories.

Our books are edited a minimum of four times by two different editors

Each manuscript will be edited a minimum of four times by two different editors. They check the style, flow and of course, the grammar and spelling. Often time, the author has to rewrite parts of the books. This lengthy and vigorous process (which takes more than a few months) help to reduce errors and ensure a good quality product.

We use three of the best printers in Malaysia

We use three different printers for our books. They are among the best in whole country when it comes to quality, reliability and timeliness. They charge more than the average printer but their work is significantly better. And by using the best, we ensure that our books are of the highest quality.

The content must be solid

We insist that the content must be rock solid. In other words, it must be more than just basic information and common sense. While it is obvious that some basic information will be included, it will also include many new, additional and enlightening data.

The presentation must be user-friendly

We also insist that the writing and presentation to be user friendly. While readers buy the book primarily for the information, they also want the information to be presented in a clear, simple and easy to understand manner. Further, we highlight tables, charts, graphs and even use page separators to make reading the book a wholesome adventure.

You may also notice that the internal layout of all our books is the same. This is because we have standardized the layout. This makes them an easier, faster and more comfortable read. Once you have read one of our books, you know what to expect from all the others.

The cover must be attractive

We insist on an attractive covers for our books. To meet this requirement, we hire external cover designers to complement our own designers to ensure that we have the most attractive book covers.

We use good quality paper

Instead of using cheap and low quality paper, we use good quality paper. While they may cost slightly more, they are easier on the eyes and also do not leave a mark on your fingers.

Our books are in standard size so you can store them easily

You would notice that our books are all the same size. This will make it easy for you to store them, not to mention looking neat and tidy on your shelves.

We store the books in a proper warehouse

Our books are properly wrapped in boxes and stored in a proper warehouse (and not in a house somewhere). This ensures that the books are kept in pristine conditions at all times.

We believe in them so much that we are giving you a 14 days guarantee

And finally, we believe in them so much that we are giving you a 14 days guarantee. If you buy the books directly from us, you have a 14 days guarantee. If you are not happy with the book for any reason, return them to us with the original receipt and we will give your money back – no question asked.

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