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You may know that I’ve started a personalized coaching program in 2008 – the Inner Circle. In this program, members get my personal attention, advice and guidance on money matters. I’m happy to report that ALL the current members have grown their net worth, improved their financial knowledge significantly and just as important, are more confident in making financial decisions. And oh ya, not a single member have lost money to scams!

You may also know that the program has been closed for over 5 months now! Due to the nature of the program, which requires my personal time and attention, I can only accept a limited number of clients at any one time.

I do receive emails from prospective clients inquiring about the program during that time, and you may be one of them. Unfortunately, I had to turn them down.

But there is good news! You’ll be happy to note that I’m opening up the membership for a limited period. Yes, I’m taking in new members! At this point in time, I’ll be accepting 8 new members into the program. That’s right – just 8 new members.

If you want to know more about the Inner Circle and how you can benefit from it, click on the following link >>> www.InnerCircle.my.

After that, don’t wait another second. Sign up immediately and make sure that you are among the lucky 8 to benefit from my personal attention and guidance.


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