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Books Of The Week

As a special treat to our clients and readers, we are offering a ‘Books of the Week' deal. Each week, three of our books will be featured as the Books of the Week. The books will be going at an incredible 30 percent off the retail price! Of course, the Money Back Guarantee applies as usual. In short, you have everything to gain.

Take advantage of this deal and make your order NOW!



How to Become a Property Millionaire - Latest Edition

Menjadi Jutawan Melalui Penternakan Burung Walet

12 Lessons To Build A Profitable Business With Zero Capital

Properties have been one of the time tested wealth building vehicles throughout the ages. It has been the finest source of passive income for hundreds of years. Yet at the same time, it is more than just buying properties and selling them. This book, the follow up to How to Become a Millionaire Landlord, and updated to reflect the latest information and data, will guide you on what to do, how to do it, when to do it and why you must do it. It will show all these in a step-by-step manner so you can benefit from property investment.

Sebuah panduan lengkap mengenai penternakan burung walet.

There are many things which we can normally learn in business but it’s very rare for someone to tell you how to build a business with less capital and in some terms almost with zero capital. This book does exactly that. Filled with the most crucial 12 lessons to build a business, this is a book for every budding entrepreneur who wants to start something but lacks on resources. This is the most complete resource from everything you should do and everything you should never do in building a business. Besides, the points in this book weren’t created out of imagination but stated based on real life experience of the author/entrepreneur.

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