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Our authors posing with their books during the Offical Book Launch.

Another scene at our stall during the KL International Book Fair 2008.

Azizi Ali, Paul Yeo (Director of NextView) and Bill Wermine at the ATIC 2008 at KLCC.

Azizi Ali on stage at ATIC 2008.

The crowd reaching for the sky during Azizi's presentation at ATIC 2008.

The speakers at the first ever Wealth Summit 2007.
L-R: Zamri Nanyan, Osman Affan, Azizi Ali, Irwan Dahnil and
Gerry Eruwan Norsen.

TrueWealth's authors together with Ms Nirmitha (our Publishing Manager) at the recording of Resensi at RTM.

Dr Rozieta Shaari speaking from her heart to Sayed Munawar about her book Membina Anak-anak Ceria during the recording of Resensi at RTM.

Bill Wermine busy giving an autograph of his book How You Can Get Rich Swing Trading to a thankful Sayed Munawar during the recording of Resensi at RTM.

Eruwan Gerry Norsen can't wait to explain his book Rahsia Raja Lelong to Sayed Munawar during the recording of Resensi at RTM.

Irwan Dahnil talking about his book Buat Duit Dari SMS to Sayed Munawar during the recording of Resensi at RTM.

Syahazzly Izham Hamzah looks on with pride as Sayed Munawar makes an introduction of his book Mobile Millions during the recording of Resensi at RTM.

Here Sayed Munawar is engrossed with the book Rahsia Blogger and the author Shuth (Mohd Suhaimy) at the same event.

Osman Affan and Sayed Munawar posing for the camera at the same event. Osman was talking about his newly released book Menjual Perkhidmatan di Internet.

The dashing Zamri Nanyan looking at the camera while Sayed Munawar is explaining The Ultimate Blueprint of Internet MLM Success to the audience.
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