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Why Not Make Books As Gifts?

giftAll of us like to receive gifts. Fortunately, most people enjoy doing the giving as well. They feel good doing it and get much satisfaction making the gifts. This explains the popularity of Chinese New Year hampers, Hari Raya gifts, Xmas gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and of course, wedding gifts.

Now while it is the thought that counts, there is no denying that some gifts can be more useful than others. While any gift would be good, the gift of money to a newly wedded couple will certainly help them start their married lives on a stronger financial footing. While any gift to a hungry homeless person would be good, giving him food would help immensely.

One of the best gifts would be books – particularly the self-help genre. Imagine the usefulness of a book on how to live happily to a newly married couple? It would help them more than a clock, a cutlery set or a matching pair of towels. Imagine the usefulness of a book on how to stay healthy to your aging parents? Imagine the usefulness of a book on how to score straight As to your niece or nephew who is struggling in his exams? Imagine the usefulness of a book on how to manage their personal finance to your brother who is drowning in debts?

This being the case, why not make a gift of books to your loved ones on their special occasions? It can be for a birthday, wedding anniversary, Chinese New Year, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine, Teachers' Day, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Xmas or New Year.


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We at BookPlanet will help you with this. We have prepared a specially designed gift card for this. We will print your name, the recipient's name and any special message you would like to be inside the card. Further, we will also gift-wrap the books for you with special wrapping paper – at no extra charge!

Imagine the delight when the special person receives your gift. The smile will be a mile wide! More importantly, imagine the knowledge from the books that can help light up their world! All thanks to you.

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